Sunshine Phoenix merged two Northern California brokerages into one in July 2016, joining Sunshine Specialties’ emphasis on Natural Food retailers and Phoenix Sales’ focus on Supermarket and Specialty Supermarket retailers.

Our new combined company utilizes the strengths of both partners to round out our coverage in Northern California and to keep pace with the growing reach of Natural Foods and Specialty Foods into all retail and distribution channels.


Sunshine meets regularly with distributor buyers and category managers for line reviews and presentation of new products. As several distributors’ service areas overlap broker territories, we work and collaborate with our partners in Southern California and the Pacific Northwest to meet with your buyers in their own offices, even those outside of Northern California.

There are several distributor advertising publications, promotional vehicles, and trade shows in which you will have the opportunity to participate — some of these are required, and others are elective. Sunshine will work with you to advise which programs work best for growing your business and staying within your budget.

Sunshine’s experienced administrative staff will assist in the preparation and submission of new item and promotion paperwork to support your growth in the Northern California marketplace.


Sunshine Phoenix staff meet regularly with the key accounts to present your new items and present your promotion and ad support programs. We plan headquarter presentations for all Category Reviews with those retailers that have them. Our field representatives are our front line with store buyers and personnel, both in chain and independent stores. We build store deals based upon discounts you offer to distributors; our goal is to ensure that consumers receive as much of your discount as possible. Manufacturer case stacks and end caps bring your products to the forefront. Retailers also have their own advertising flyers and other programs to highlight your special deals to their customers.

Our reps and merchandisers work with the retailers to maximize your product line’s shelf presence. We solicit “turnover orders” to pass along to distributors to fill in any missing items from the retail shelves, as well as to ensure sufficient stock levels in support of your promotions. Our merchandisers also take part in periodic department resets to establish your space on freshly arranged store shelves.


The goal is to get your product into the consumer’s shopping cart. If we have reduced your prices, and advertised your products, and made sure your products are available, what else is there?


Demos are a tool to create consumer trial and entice them to buy. Taste is everything — get the people to try it, and it’s a sure winner. Sunshine Phoenix can help with references for a reputable demo company or an individual demo person in our area. Manufacturers are also encouraged to sample out their own products in our stores, for who knows your products better than you!